Team Profile: Our Lady of Mount Carmel

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More than a Team – Rob Long, Girls Head Coach, Our Lady of Mount Carmel
By Stephania Long, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, 2018Member of the OLMC Girls Basketball Team

When most people think of the word team they think about a group of people coming together to accomplish one goal. When I hear the word team I think that, but I also think of family. The Mt Carmel women’s basketball team is more than a team, we’re a family.

This family that our coach somehow put together is special. We’re one cohesive unit from the coaches to the players and the parents as well. I’ve never been on a team that was so close. Even when we’re not dribbling that basketball we’re still together. We find every chance we get to be together. Parents on the team are my second parents and siblings of other players are my siblings too.

The bond that this team shares is evident on and off the court. We know each other so well. Each and every one of us can tell you what each player on the court is going to do before it even happens. We just know each other that well. We know each other’s tendencies and pet peeves. We know when someone is just having a rough day and how to make them feel better.

This family is something I’m going to miss next year. I’m a senior and one of the hardest things for me next is year is playing for another team with another coach. Some of these girls on this team, I’ve been playing with for years. And if I haven’t it feels like I have. They’re my sisters and I don’t know what I’ll do without them. It sounds silly but we’re that close.

We’re that team you always hear in the hallways at school. You know we’re there. We can go somewhere and people remember us because we’re so loud and silly. And our coach loves it. He will never admit that but he does.

This team is something very special. We all have dreams bigger than us. And we’ve all been told that our dreams weren’t realistic. Our team is full of rejects. Girls told they weren’t good, they’re too small, you can never play high school ball. But we’re proving these people wrong. Every single day we get better together. Pushing each other to the limit. I think sometimes we play harder against each other then we do other teams. One thing is for sure though, we’ll always be ready against the toughest teams because we push each other.

This team is something special. It’s something I’ve never been a part of until this past summer. And it’s honestly going to be hard when I move onto another team next year. As a senior, I wish all my teammates the best and I say thank you for helping become the basketball player I am today.

svssTeam Profile: Our Lady of Mount Carmel