Player Profile: JASMEN WALTON

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Guard, Western High School, 2018
Manager of the Girls Basketball Team

By Tinayah Howard, Western High School, 2018

Jasmen Walton, a rising senior at Western High school, has been a key component in bringing the school’s basketball program back to dominance.  Her humble nature makes everyone want to work harder and do their best. Jasmen’s resilience on the court makes her a good leader, and her talent undeniably makes her one of the best athletes to come out of Baltimore City in years.  It’s been incredible to watch her grow and mature into a remarkable young lady.  Currently, recruiters from more than 20 schools, half of them Division 1, are courting Jasmen.  Yet, she remains grounded and focused on seeking the best fit for her and her family.  This year, she plans on personally making a statement on and off the court, with one goal in mind.

svssPlayer Profile: JASMEN WALTON