Merritt Clubs and Parisi Speed School


For over 40 years, Merritt Clubs has been making fitness matter in Maryland. Committed to bringing people together through activities and experiences, Merritt Clubs is changing the way people think about fitness with award-winning aquatics programs, fitness classes, certified personal trainers and the area’s only results guarantee. We support active lifestyles and create happier and healthier communities. Aspiring athletes make up a large portion of Merritt’s membership, and we are dedicated to helping them excel throughout their sports journey. Our Eldersburg location features a sports-specific program for training athletes through our new Parisi Speed School.

Merritt’s sports-specific training program and Parisi Speed School is built on a foundation of teamwork, leadership and confidence. Athletes who enroll build the skills necessary to compete at any level, in any sport. We do not simply teach athletes how to be stronger and faster. We teach athletes how to apply skills to their respective sports in a variety of competitive conditions. Thus, Parisi athletes are some of the fastest, most powerful, intelligent and safest athletes in the world.

Our program focuses on four specific areas:

Everyone wants to be faster. The truth is speed gives you an incredible athletic advantage. No development system has had more success in raising an athlete’s speed than Parisi. We teach elite strength and conditioning and proper mechanical techniques that break plateaus and unlock an athlete’s true abilities.

Injury Prevention
Merritt places great emphasis on injury prevention through rigorous testing and our injury-assessment protocol. We check for weakness, tightness and asymmetries, and adjust accordingly. We also coordinate around our athletes’ seasons and volume to prevent overtraining.

Change of Direction
Change of direction is simply deceleration and reacceleration of the body as the angle of movement is changed. This is also generally the most difficult movement for an athlete to control, which is why it causes the highest instance of non-contact injury. Merritt breaks down this process so athletes learn the concepts of safe deceleration, foot placement, shin angle and explosive force to minimize cutting time and improve balance.

Agility is the body’s quality of movement and measurable reaction time. This is not simply using ladders to improve footwork, but rather, training the body as a whole to decrease reaction time, creating powerful, reflexive movements without losing speed or balance.

If you are an athlete looking to take your game to the next level, visit a Merritt club to receive a complimentary functional-movement screening and sports-specific training session or contact us to learn more about our Eldersburg Parisi Speed School. Sports-specific training is available at all Merritt clubs except Fort Avenue and Downtown. For a full list of locations, visit

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