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Founder and Chairman of the Board

Brian O’Shea conceived the concept of creating an elite athletic event in November 2011. Since that time, the Annual Shirts vs Skins Basketball Classic (SVSBC) has grown from a 5 team showcase event in 2015 to 17 teams in 2017.  As the SVSBC continues to grow, O’Shea’s love for the media industry added an additional dimension to the event. Through the SVSBC, media industry leaders mentor mass communications students as they practice their craft by covering an athletic event.  The event also shines a spotlight on diabetes education and awareness, an issue that is very close to O’Shea’s heart because both of his parents suffer from Type 2 diabetes.

Brian O’Shea is a seasoned veteran known for creating and leading a group of qualified individuals to host the big event.  O’Shea has the vision to invent the “un-thought of” and turn it into a reality.  In the summer of 1985, O’Shea’s approached Daryl Jr. Cline of Jr. Cline and the Recliners to perform at one of his events.  The event was a huge success, attracting a paid attendance of over 600 people, and resulting in a close relationship between Daryl Cline and O’Shea. Cline and his band performed at two larger events in a one-year period.  In the summer of 1986, Cline and his band performed at Brian’s premier of the ski movie <em>Extaski</em>.  Bolle’, who sponsored the movie and supplyied sunglasses and ski goggles, labeled the film “a big hit” and featured it at their worldwide distributor sales meeting in France that same year.  In fact, in January 1987, Bolle’ used footage from <em>Extaski</em> in a 30-second commercial that was run in conjunction with a television show that aired on NBC.


Whether he is convincing the world’s top skiers to showcase their talent in a ski film or soliciting ski companies to sponsor and exhibit their latest product, O’Shea has the gift of transforming visions into reality.  When <em>Extaski</em> was in the pre-production stages, O’Shea approached Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort to be his sponsor.  Not only did this world renown resort donate free access to the entire mountain, hotel rooms and open access to the ski patrol for assistance in first access to all trails, they wanted to work with O’Shea for all future productions.  Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort was so impressed with the film stating they “benefited from being included in <em>Extaski</em>.  Congratulations on such an excellent first production.”

In May 2010, O’Shea parlayed his creativity and event management skills into spearheading a fundraiser for his friend Dean Batlas, who was fighting cancer.  O’Shea’s efforts raised over $25,000, despite having only three weeks to plan the event.  O’Shea considers himself lucky as his wife Debbie volunteered to take over the silent auction.  O’Shea secured autographed memorabilia from celebrity athletes he counts as friends: Brooks Robinson, Sean Landeta and Vince Papali.

After the success of his first charitable event, in October 2011, O’Shea reached out to Wayne Gioioso to assist him in raising over $30,000 at the Scare Grounds Halloween.

After graduating in 1982 from University of Maryland with a degree in civil engineering, Mr. O’Shea began to lay the foundation for an entrepreneurship that has included real estate development, media and the mortgage industry.  O’Shea started his professional career as a civil engineer designing bridges, buildings and other projects for private and municipal sectors while working for a large engineering design firm in Baltimore for 3 years.

In the spring of 1986, O’Shea produced and directed the snow skiing movie <em>Extaski</em> which was released later that fall for worldwide distribution.  While preparing for his next movie production, O’Shea was asked to revive O’Shea Homes and act as Vice President.  Assuming the leadership role at O’Shea Homes, O’Shea spent the better part of 10 years managing a custom home building company in the Baltimore Metropolitan area.  Along with winning the Home Builders Association of Maryland Sales and Marketing award in 1992 for Best Home Design, O’Shea continued to lay the groundwork for producing another motion picture.

In 1993, Brian O’Shea expanded his motion picture network by reading for roles in the movies such as <em>Serial Mom</em> and <em>Major</em> <em>League</em> <em>II</em>.  While on the set of <em>Major League II</em>, O’Shea met another movie entrepreneur, Mark Redfield.  In 1996, O’Shea and Redfield later joined forces to produce the motion picture <em>Cold</em> <em>Harbor</em>, which was released in 2003.

From 1996 to 2000, O’Shea worked as a Quality Control and Project Manager for the Whiting-Turner Contracting Company.  Projects included the US Naval Academy Bancroft Hall renovations, Dominion Semiconductor, Towson University, Marine Barracks in Washington DC and Loyola College.

In 2001, O’Shea took advantage of a then-lucrative mortgage industry and opened a branch office for Newport Shores Mortgage.  Brian ran a broker shop of 15 loan officers that closed an average volume of $9M per month. In 2007 O’Shea parted ways with Newport Shores Mortgage and open a federally-chartered branch with Eagle Nationwide Mortgage Company.  Brian owned and operated a successful broker shop for Eagle until May 2010.

In May 2009, when O’Shea saw the mortgage industry declining, O’Shea decided to pursue a reality television show that he initiated in November 1999.  O’Shea Productions LLC was later incorporated in July 2009.  Today, O’Shea Productions is doing business as the O’Shea Media Group.

Since the inception of O’Shea Media Group, O’Shea and his co-owner Donald Slowinski have started laying out the management team, talent and financing for this magnificent reality-based television show that combines key components of the entertainment industry. O’Shea and Slowinski are also structuring the financing for a $100 million motion picture fund.

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